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Virtual Appointment Setting


  • Schedule Appointments
  • Re-Schedule Appointments
  • Cancel Appointments
  • Confirm Appointments (via phone or email)
  • Setup Automated E-mail Reminders
  • Manage Calendar by Adding and Removing Appointments
  • Schedule Important Meetings
  • Restaurant Reservations


  • Schedule Vehicle Maintenance / Detailing Services
  • Schedule Doctor, Dentist Appointments
  • Schedule Golf Tee Times
  • Spa Appointments
  • Dinner and Lunch Reservations
  • Schedule Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Schedule Lawn Care, House Cleaning, Laundry and Pet Care Services
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  • George assisted me with my yellow book ad and marketing package. He is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable explaining everything in detail. Not only did I receive an ad. They provided an additional website and mini commercial at a very good price.I look forward to working with George again in the futues.

    Lakisha Sarbah
    Virtual Assistant Providing

  • GoMedia123 has been very instrumental in helping my firm to establish a footprint in the Atlanta Market and further increasing my caseload in Chicago as well giving us the best return on investment…

    Robert J. Semrad Jr.
    Senior Partner of
    Debstoppers Bankruptcy
    Law Firm